Meissner Practice Time Trial – December 16th

Great job to everyone who skied the first time trial at Meissner on Wednesday!

The loop ended up being a 1.5k loop with a good mix of flat, hills and downhills! With only a few on-snow practices and brutal, wet, snowy conditions, you all absolutely crushed it! The purpose of this time trial was to give the timing team a chance to get everything dialed as well as see where your fitness level is early in the season! We will use these times to track your progress and see how much you improve as a skier at the end of the season!

Now that you have a hard “race” effort under your belt, you may be feeling a bit sore and tired. Please be sure to give your body a chance to recover by stretching, hydrating, getting good sleep, and re-fueling with nourishing food. Recovery is just as important as training so don’t disregard it. 🙂

Big thank you to the awesome parents that braved the harsh weather and came out to help time and cheer! You’re the real MVP’s!

Check out the results below:

12/16 MVHS Girls Time Trial Results

12/16 MVHS Boys Time Trial Results