The Mountain View Nordic Ski Program is run completely by volunteers. Coaches, race crew, and everything else happens because of our volunteers and their dedication to the program. 

Overview of Program: NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Even if you  have never skied before, if you have some basic fitness and want to make a commitment  to learning cross-country ski racing techniques, this is the place for you. Anyone can join  the team and we have a no-cut policy–all who train with the team can race in the league races.
Training: Training will be both on snow and dryland.  When we are on snow we will concentrate on technique more than conditioning. Dryland training will emphasize technique and conditioning and will include ski specific drills, running, weights, and games. Occasionally we will use ski poles in dryland training. Both dryland and on-snow practices will last approx. 1 ½ to 2 hours. See the calendar for details on time and location of practices.


Eric Martin
Head Coach

Sarah Swaney
Asst. Coach/Team Admin

Bob Maddox
Asst. Coach

Imran Wolfenden
Asst. Coach