Welcome to the Website!

Hello and welcome to the new Mountain View Nordic Ski Team website!!!

We are very excited to share it with you all and hope you enjoy using it!

The purpose of this website is to have a place where we can all access information and updates, as well as check out additional training resources, blogs, and links to registration and results. Our hope is that this website is a tool to get the information you need to have a fun, productive, organized, stress free season for athletes and parents alike.

Please note: Emails from Sarah will still be sent. This is simply another avenue for gathering information for the season.

In this blog, you’ll find a quick run- down of the website contents:

Calendar: The main purpose is to share new information and updates about practice times, locations and disciplines. You will find that information in the “schedule” tab. This will take you to a Google calendar that shows where and when the practices/ races are, as well as notes on what type of gear you’ll need that day. If you click on the scheduled practice, a more detailed explanation will pop up. This calendar will be updated daily and has the option of syncing to your own personal calendar so you’ll be in the loop, always.

Registration: The second section on the home page is all about registering for Nordic. Because the season has already begun, this does not apply currently, but can be used as a resource for next season. This page outlines the cost of the program and provides a link to the OISRA registration page.

Training Resources: This section is all about giving you, the athlete, additional information and coaching. With being a part of a big team, sometimes you may feel as though you’re not getting enough coaching at practices. This is a tool for YOU to get some extra information. Whether you’re a beginner needing more tips, an experienced skier looking for ways to fine tune your skills and ski faster, or a skier that’s looking for some motivation and inspiration, you’ll find what you need in here. There are YouTube video links that touch  on all different aspects of Nordic skiing, from the basic, “how to classic or skate ski”, to ” how to step turn downhills”, to “how to wax skis”, to “the greatest race finishes ever.” The team Zoom workouts are also included if you’re looking for some extra work. This section will grow as we go through the season and work on different skills so keep your eyes peeled for new videos and articles.

Contact: This section has an area to send us an email with any questions you may have. All questions are welcome, however, before you hit send, scroll down and see if it may be answered in the FAQ’s section. If not, then go for it and we’ll get back to you promptly.

Blog: This is where you will find all kinds of information and updates. There will be different categories of posts ranging from write-ups about the races/ time trails with links to the results, to general updates from Sarah’s emails among other articles. Keep your eyes open with this section too.

All in all, we hope this website serves you this season and is something we can carry out for years to come! Please feel free to make any suggestions on ways to improve your experience as you navigate the website. Also, there is a mobile version so you can check in while you’re out and about.

Special thank you to Mike Olarrea and The Wholesome Agency for spending the time to help to put this all together!

Cheers to a great season and GO COUGARS!!!!!!!